Intelligent translating skylight series
  ManBetx下载开启高端manbetx网页版手机登录阳光房系统是目前市场上最高端的高科技阳光房系统,高端产品带来的除产品本身,更是一种身份与地位的象征,同时也是业主素质品味的完美体现。产品配有遥控开关,方便远距离控制。产品可选配雨水感应器,实现下雨天自动关闭。产品可承受多种荷载, 在12级大风的情况下整体结构安全。五道防水设计,在关闭状态下,确保极高的防水性能和整体的排水能力。活动噪音少于35分贝。输出最高达30KN的动力,带动传动齿轮顺畅运作。
  He moved Sun room---belongs to your different ideas
  Sun room, mobile, Thomas
  Sodom high-end Sun room system is a top-end tech Sun room system currently on the market.
  Works: bi-directional by the motor drive output power, drive gears, making the rotation of gears based on gear and rules to achieve Sun room roof opening and closing.
  Adapted place: Villa hanging gardens, basement, Sun room, Sunken Garden, Villa Atrium, large high-end clubs, large commercial sites, swimming pools, stadiums, exhibition halls and other public places.
  Sodom high-end Sun room system is a top-end tech Sun room system currently on the market, high-end products in addition to the product itself, it is a symbol of identity and status, as well as owners of quality perfect embodiment of taste. Product is equipped with remote control switch, remote control. Optional rain sensor products, implement rainy closes automatically. Products under a variety of loads, in the overall structural safety with force 12 winds. Waterproof design for five road, in the closed position, ensuring high waterproof performance and overall capacity. Active noise less than 35 decibels. Output power of up to 30KN, drive the gears smooth operation.
  Sodom in high-end smart-Sun room system, you want to bask in the Sun, with star contacts dialogue with wind and rain.
  Sodom in high-end smart-Sun room system, let you cherish life, enjoying life, a happy life, healthy living, zero contact with nature.
  Sodom in high-end smart-Sun room system, you and me closer.

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